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UltiNavi™, is SBOING's GPS ultimate navigation app, which implements and stands in the core of the SBOING collaborative social network and corresponding methodology.


Here’s what you get, completely FREE

  • Global maps(*) with frequent updates and NO ads
  • Comprehensive multi-lingual voice guidance for undistracted driving
  • Navigation with powerful map searching features
  • Switch map views with user-defined viewing macros
  • An impressive and informative dashboard for your vehicle

(*) SBOING maps are based on the collaborative OpenStreetMap maps, www.openstreetmap.org (© OpenStreetMap contributors)

The Ultimate “Navipedia”, powered by self-validated, social, collaborative crowdsourcing

  • Add your map info and see it "next day" on UltiNavi
  • Share your ride data and let everyone benefit from navigation with real-time traffic information
  • Save, replay and share your rides with others
  • Turn your rides, map contributions and validations into money savings
  • Opt-in to share and contribute anonymously through strongly secure and anonymizing technologies

UltiNavi™ Features


Offered for FREE and uses OpenStreetMap (OSM) maps (FREE).


Adaptive and self-improving, due to its collaborative and crowd-sourcing nature.


Leads to more accurate routing decisions compared to existing commercial PNDs, which are based on static traffic information (i.e. the speed limit).


Is able to distinguish and provide better time estimates, depending on the type of vehicle (e.g., pedestrian, fast / slow motorcycle, fast / slow car, truck, bus, taxi), weather and corresponding road conditions (sun, rain, snow, etc.), time-of-day, day-of-the-week, holiday and season-of-year (an internationally patented idea!).


High usability (most of its functionality in 1-2 clicks, point definition).


Has an inherent, independent mechanism: a) to produce new maps (for uncharted areas), and b) for self-updating of existing maps (mark road hazards, POIs, road network changes, define the terrain, etc.).


Multiple user-defined views using user-defined macros (unique feature).


High user-configurability (menu configuration, map style/colors, POI layers, favorites categories, etc.)


Has a 'detour' feature to avoid traffic ahead.

Simulation Mode

Has route simulation mode to try your selected route.


Multi-lingual support for text and voice guidance.

Replay Mode

Recorded routes can be replayed (with given PC software or via Google Earth based web application).


Multi-waypoint routing is supported.

Smooth Performance

Very good performance even with devices with small RAM and cpu capacities.

High compatiblity

Adaptive and compatible with a plethora of PNDs and smart-phones.

Storage Efficient

Can accommodate the entire planet in a single memory card.


Strong security communications support.

UltiNavi™ Maps

UltiNavi™ uses the offline SBOING™ maps. Choose and download for free your preferred map set.

UltiNavi™ Screenshots

Photo gallery with in-app UltiNavi™ screenshots

  • Available for car
    Specially tailored for in-car consoles


UltiCarNavi™ is SBOING's GPS navigation app, specially tailored for in-car consoles.


UltiCarNavi™ is available for direct download from SBOING server