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Frequently Asked Questions

At first you create a promotional campaign for your business using SBOING's application. The campaign may include a special offer or discount for your products and services. Then your campaign appears in the SBOING user community, where members "buy" your offer by exchanging SCUs (SBOING Credit Units) that they collect from their contribution to the SBOING community. Then a coupon (promotional code) is issued which your customer displays to you in order to redeem the discount. You can check the validity of a coupon through SBOING's application and mark it as redeemed.

Any company that sells products or services may participate in SBOING Affiliates Program. You must just have Internet access to create the promotional campaigns and to validate/redeem the coupons.

SBOING affiliates are promoted directly through Each offer displays a description of the company, its logo, and the link to its site. Offers are also displayed indirectly at no cost through SBOING's promotions using geolocation targeting.

Every time a customer purchases your offer, you are automatically notified by email. In addition, you can keep track of the progress of your campaign through the SBOING application.

He should know the coupon code he has purchased. It is possible to print the coupon or make it available in electronic form on his mobile phone.

Note that a user using our UltiNavi navigator app for a total journey of 100km, while contributing data, collects about 10,000 SCUs. Users who frequently use UltiNavi app are estimated to have several thousand SCUs available in their accounts. But it is clearly up to you to put a price on your offer as you wish.

Check and redeem coupons (for affiliates only)

You can check and redeem a coupon code without having to sign-in. Just provide the customer's coupon code and your redeem code.

Fill in the coupon code Please enter a coupon code Check coupon Check Redeem Cancel Customer Coupon code Redeem code Value Purchased Redeemed Redeem Offer The coupon has been redeemed successfully The coupon has not been redeemed Check & Redeem Coupon