Our Projects

tinngo_project TInnGO OnGoing Project Transport Innovation Gender Observatory: A framework for sustainable gender and diversity sensitive smart mobility.
sboing4real_project SBOING4REAL OnGoing Project Development of crowdsourcing technologies for geo-social networking and advanced satellite navigation in real-time.
suits_project SUITS OnGoing Project Supporting Urban Integrated Transport Systems: Transferable tools for Local Authorities.
wjetss_project WJETSS Completed Project Whole Journey Experience of Internet Things Through SenSourcing and Space Technologies.
metpex_project METPEX Completed Project METPEX aims to develop and evaluate a standardized tool to measure passenger experience across whole journeys.
sboing_project SBOING-1 Completed Project Upgrade of GPS-navigators and collaborative composition of the world map with dynamic data of road segments for improved GPS-routing.
wisenda_project WiSeNDA Completed Project Location-based, Distributed, Data Aggregation using an ad hoc Wireless Sensor Network of stationary or mobile Sensor nodes for near-real-time information dissemination.