Frequently Asked Questions

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No, you get a SBOING™ navigator with basic functionality and a full set of OSM-based world maps for FREE. For more advanced navigators and more updated (SBOING™) maps, you may upgrade to higher editions (silver, gold, platinum).

The basic SBOING™ maps are based on OSM maps. They are good enough for most world areas and keep getting better as OSM maps are getting better.

Yes! Just keep driving around with your trace recorder on and upload your traces!

You need a "SBOING™ trace logger" for the platform you are using. This is included in sbNavi(tm), the SBOING(TM) navigator, which is available from SBOING™ (check out the "PRODUCTS" page).

Yes it does and you get credit (SCU) for this, too. However, we appreciate more a variety of routes, especially "uncharted" ones, at various times or with various conditions.. :-)

Yes! You can purchase SCU via PayPal or credit card.

Yes! Just maintain a SBOING™ account and check it out frequently. Quite often, special offers for free amounts of SCU are send by SBOING-administrator messages to selected users (lots of them!). If you receive such a message and reply within 5 days you get the free SCU! If you reply within 2 days, you get them double!

No, (at least not yet). But we are open for collaboration with navigator hardware vendors, for revenue sharing based collaborations.

Today's maps and navigators associate staic information about the time it takes to travel through a road segment, (usually ~80% of the speed limit). SBOING™ routing is based on multi-parametric (time-dependent, vehicle-dependent, weather-dependent, etc.) information for each road segment. Therefore, its routing function is more accurate as it can capture rush-hour congestion delays, different traffic conditions during a rainy day, a holiday, or after midnight! Our advanced versions contain more intelligent optimizations, too!

SBOING™ navigators are tied with SBOING™ maps. SBOING™ maps are not yet as complete as other vendors' maps, but they are getting better and better, with more up-to-date data, as users upload their traces as well as map corrections and other map data (street names, PoI, etc.). Soon, SBOING™ is expected to catch up and be "the best kid in town"! ;-)

Indeed, SBOING™ maps can be big. Download only what you want, only what you need, in terms of map area and parameter set. For example, you don't need "truck data", if you are driving a Porche!.. With memory capacities of navigators becoming larger and larger, this is fast becoming less of any issue.

SBOING™ maps are "drawn" after statistical processing of a number of user traces. One user's traces are not enough to draw the map with certainty. E.g., if 8 out of 10 user traces indicate that one road in driven in one direction, this most likely implies that this road is driven in this direction. Of course, forced map corrections and map additions from SBOING™ users and SBOING™ personnel are enabled to correct any map flaws or inaccuracies. In any case, we resend any liability for map inaccuracies, (see our related Disclaimer).

All user traces are verified for validity (with trace digests, digital signatures, etc.). Moreover, our statistical processing of the user traces ensures that isolated user attempts to provide false information will be identified and filtered out and the malicious user will be warned and subsequently suspended.

Definitely not! Your traces are not associated with your actual ID and we guarantee that we will not use the uploaded information for any other purposes but forming SBOING™ maps (see our "Privacy Policy"). If you still don't trust us, you may always choose to create an account with any private information you wish (pseudonym or alias), although we don't encourage this type of SBOING™ membership.

Currently not, but we soon hope to make it happen! :-)

Nope! SBOING™ navigators only read SBOING™ maps (and any other open and free map format). However, SBOING™'s advanced routing depends on and requires only SBOING™ maps.

Maybe. If you can download and run an appropriate SBOING™ navigator executable on your device, bypassing your existing navigator, then you can enjoy the advanced routing features (and not only!) of SBOING™ navigation! (For more, see our compatibility list, which btw grows fast!..)

Because SBOING™ maps are soon going to be more up-to-date and universal than any other vendor's maps, since they are going to be updated by users continuously, not every 3 months or so. Moreover, SBOING™ maps do not cost them anything and they are pretty good, even today, already!

Nope! We keep on producing SBOING™ executables compatible with various hardware and operating systems, (pls. check out our current compatibility list to see if your needs are supported).

Of course, as long it is supported, (check out our compatibility list). Currently only iOS is supported (iPhone and iPad).

Some of it is. We keep only some parts proprietary which are offered as libraries, APIs or upon request. We would very much appreciate any volunteering member contributions of open-source development efforts that would improve our navigator.